Custom Work

Looking for something special?

Suppose you're looking for that unique fiberglass animal form and you just haven't been able to find it anywhere. A situation like this calls for custom design and fabrication. We can make that elusive jackelope for you! Our talented designers have created more than 300 new images for our clients. First, we work with you on the design of your custom creature. Then a sculpture is made followed by a mold, with your input and approval along the way. A prototype is fabricated to assure that the mold is accurate before we begin casting your statues. Once the prototype cast is completed, your custom created form is ready for production. If you'd like to check out the process, scroll down on this page to see the stages to produce our Squirrel.

Maybe you want something as simple as a painted brown bear, or to turn your orange into a reporter or your frog into a crown prince. Or to make a teaching tool for your college. We can do all of that too! From custom decoration to add-ons and modifications, we can create the image or model that you need.

How to Make a 4’ Tall Squirrel:
  • Step 1 – Make the sketch

  • Step 2 - Assemble the armature

  • Step 3 – Create the sculpture

  • Step 4 – Make the mold

  • Step 5 – Cast the statue and…voila! a Squirrel is born!